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Monday, April 23, 2018

Fail Videos

Sex In A Tent Prank Gone Wrong!!

Roman Atwood fools street goers into thinking he's having sex in a tent right out on the street! It's hilarious how some of the...

Hilarious Pole Dancing Fail Compilation!!

Despite a lot of people's aversion to pole dancing, it is actually a very tough skill to master. Watch as these everyday folk try...

Ultimate EPIC Bikini Girls Fail Compilation

Q. What could be better than watching people fail awesomely? A. Watching a lot of hot bikini-clad woman fail awesomely! So Fail. So Sexy....

Animal Compilation: Break.com’s Best Pet Videos

"Break's Compilation is full of the best pet videos on youtube. Watch Jenga Cat b*tch slap his competition. Watch dogs fetch a cold beer...

Owning The Pool – With This Epic LifeGuard

Jamie Kennedy fools a bunch of people at a pool into thinking he is peeing in the pool, this is EPIC!

Biker Runs into Open Truck Door

Who's fault do you think it is? Maybe it's both their fault?

Put your seat belt on… Vine

A simple vine prank, but the reaction from his mother is hilarious!

Indiana Jones Boulder Stunt FAIL

The Dudesons try to replicate Indiana Jone's boulder stunt... things don't go to plan!

Water Pressure Tattoos with The Janoskians

This video takes no explaining, just enjoy watching them suffer!

Peruvian Jellyfish Stunt – Steve-O

While surfing in Peru, Steve-O discovered incredible numbers of very large and mean jellyfish, and couldn't resist the opportunity to try on a "jellyfish...

‘Smack cam’ prank fail: Texas teens face charges for slapping Wendy’s...

Authorities in Austin, Texas are looking for two boys and an adult accomplice who slapped a local Wendy's cashier in a "smack cam" stunt. Smack...