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Saturday, March 24, 2018


Fast Food Ads Vs. Reality Experiment!!

Have you ever wanted to have a burger that looked as good as it does in the fast food ads? Well all you have...

Alligator Prank Gone Wrong

This guy thought it would be fun to take an alligator decoy and attach it to a remote controlled boat...it is!

Famous Soccer Player Look-Alike Picking Up Girls With Ease – Part...

Yesterday we brought you a video of a look-alike of soccer player Robert Lewandowski walking around pretending to be the famous footballer and scoring...

Bicycle Firecracker Scare Prank

Hilariously simple firecracker prank, enjoy!

Walkers Lurk Under the Streets of NYC Prank!

AMC got in on the pranking action to promote the return of The Walking Dead. The cable channel terrorized unsuspecting pedestrians with zombies hidden under...

Third Story Fall Prank

A body appears to fall from from the third story, the reactions are priceless!

Spider-Man in real life prank

fouseyTUBE is back this time with a prank to make kids smile, enjoy!

Bugatti Veyron Gold Digger Prank!!

It's a well known fact that gold diggers exist everywhere. And it's surprisingly easy to dig them out! All you have to do is...

15 April Fools housemate pranks they’ll never see coming!

Don't wait to get even, get ahead. April Fool's Day comes but once a year. For some this is a chance to wreak havoc on...

Cheating Girlfriend Prank Gone Prank!

It started out as a simple prank on the friends boyfriend but quickly escalated to something so much more!

Stabbed In The Back (Social Experiment)

Model pranksters love a good social experiment, and this is exactly that... GOOD! How would you react to seeing someone stabbed in the back?...