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Pranks Videos

Scare Prank Compilation

The Ultimate Scare Prank Compilation of 2012! Be sure to give it a like if it made you laugh!

Mortal Kombat Prank Gone Wrong. Makes The Last Woman Laugh Uncontrollably!!

I love that woman in the end!! Fousey is back with another Mortal Kombat prank and this time it's Raiden!! But not everyone is...

Haircut Prank Gone Wrong

This guy downloaded an app called Prank Trimmer that sounds like a hair trimmer and went out to try it on the public, the...

Weight loss scam prank

This lady got PISSED just because I helped this kid lose 25 POUNDS in 10 MINUTES!

$20 Fishing Line Prank

Sure it is a simple and classic prank but the reactions are quite priceless!

The Dead Body Prank Finale

BlackBoxTV have just released a new dead body prank, enjoy!

The bubbles prank

Jack Vale is pranking people with bubbles this week, where are all those bubbles coming from?

Parking Tickets That Make You Smile Prank

Every now and then you get a prank that is just made to make people smile, this by Sam Pepper is one of them!

Miami Zombie Attack Prank!

This is a very dangerous prank to pull off but the results are epic!

Russian Hitman Elevator Hostage Prank! Vitalyzd

Check out the new Russian Hitman Elevator Hostage Prank from the legendary Mr Zdorovetskiy and tell us your comments!

Hilarious Cell Phone Call Crashing at the Beach!

MediocreFilms takes this good ol' cell phone call crashing prank to the beach and some of the the reactions are epic. Thumbs up for...

Walkers Lurk Under the Streets of NYC Prank!

AMC got in on the pranking action to promote the return of The Walking Dead. The cable channel terrorized unsuspecting pedestrians with zombies hidden under...