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Pranks Videos

Epic Snake Chase Prank!

Roman Atwood and Sam Pepper team up to bring us this hilarious prank! How would you react if you thought a snake was chasing...

Explosive Farts In The Hood Prank

This latest Roman Atwood prank takes little explaining, its all in the title!

“Peeing On Car” Prank GONE WRONG!! Gets Ass Kicked!!

Pissing on someone's car is like pissing on that person itself!! This is such a simple prank to pull. All you need is a...

Stealing From The Homeless (Social Experiment)

When the girl stole from the homeless guy only 1 person confronted her. When a guy stole from the homeless guy 9/10 times someone...

The Sexist Prank!!

Sexism exists in this world. So here's a prank which involves throwing sexism into people's faces and see how they react! From ironing, to...

Cheating Prank Turns Into SUICIDE PRANK

The title says it all on this one, watch share and enjoy!

Zombie Apocalypse New York City!

Zombie Apocalypse New York City! -  Could this be the best Zombie prank ever? Many think so!

Fly Away Baby Prank

Another clever and hilarious prank from YT pranksters 'Whatever'! The acting could be more convincing but it doesn't take away from the prank! :)

iPhone 6 Troll Prank!!

Yousef is back with an awesome troll video! He goes interviewing iPhone 6 lovers and point blank lies about new features of the...

Highway Scare Prank on Wife

On the way to the airport to pick up his wife's family, this guy saw a truck being towed and got behind it to...

Sneaky Chasing Snake Prank

Prankster duo Roman Atwood and DennisRoady teamed up with Sam Pepper for an evil and old school kind of prank that left their victims...

Blocking People Prank

"So I decided to go out and put people's niceness to the test. What will they do when somebody stands in their way?"