Authorities in Austin, Texas are looking for two boys and an adult accomplice who slapped a local Wendy’s cashier in a “smack cam” stunt.

Smack cam is an internet trend in which one person smacks an unassuming individual while a second person films it and posts it online. The prank started quite innocently, with people putting whipped cream or baby powder on their friends’ faces and filming their surprised reactions. But recent smack cam videos have become more violent.

This week, Austin rapper Kade Fresno posted a video on his YouTube account that shows two young boys and a female adult accomplice going into a Wendy’s and slapping 16-year-old cashier Calaybra Jones in the face. The giggling trio were then seen hopping into a car and escaping from the scene.

Local media interviewed the Jones. The victim said she was “embarrassed, sad and angry,” adding that she doesn’t know why people would slap a complete stranger. Austin police have yet to find the three offending suspects, who may face assault charges.